Creative World Digital Jam Session


Whether it's via telephone, email or a whisper across a crowded room, sending and receiving messages is an important part of being human. Learn how we perceive messages using our senses of sight and hearing, and discover how humans send messages the high-tech way using satellites, microchips and more!

Exhibit Highlights

  • Video Periscope exhibit

    Video Periscope

    Take a virtual visit to other parts of the Science Center simply by stepping inside our video periscope.

  • Virtual Games exhibit

    Virtual Games

    Get into the game using virtual reality technology.

  • Digital Jam Session

    Play some rocking tunes on a virtual guitar, keyboard or drum set, and then mix your sound using digital technology.

  • Whisper Dish exhibit

    Whisper Dishes

    Mutter a secret message into a transmission dish to reach a friend all the way across the room