Desert Dome

Desert Dome

About the Desert Dome

Interior of Desert Dome

Immerse yourself into the sights, sounds and smells of the Mojave Desert as students step inside our mobile inflatable dome and learn about ecology, adaptation and desert habitats. Students help Uuhuuly, a Kangaroo Rat, find her home and along the way learn about the desert.

Download an important information sheet about the program, including space requirements.

Each 45-minute Desert Dome program is facilitated by a California Science Center educator and includes a classroom activity, followed by the interactive presentation in the Desert Dome!

Content Topics:

Habitats, Adaptation, Senses, and Observation.

Target Grade Levels:

The Desert Dome is appropriate for grades K-5 and the program content is adapted to be appropriate for each class.

Our Audience Says: 

I've seen plenty of assemblies in my twenty years in education and this [Desert Dome]by far is on the top of my list. The kids loved having the "Desert Scientists" come to their room and then lead them on their adventure to the Mojave. 
- R. Devahl, Superintendent

I've learned that in the desert it is cooler underground than outside and that in the desert it rains only ten inches in a whole year.
-Marielly, 3rd grade

"I learned that in the desert there are all sorts of plants and animals. I learned how much rain falls and how much hot or cold".
-Alvaro, 1st grade

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