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The California Science Center strives to provide homeschool students with opportunities to explore science in unique and fun ways. Whether you are bringing one student or a group of 30, there is a program for you!

Upcoming Home School Days
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Homeschool Days

Join us on select days throughout the school year as homeschool students come together to explore a variety of science concepts! Each day will feature age-appropriate activities held in our educational classrooms and the Big Lab. See below for dates, topics and availability.

Enrollment for Fall 2016 will begin in August.

  • Pre-registration is required and space is limited. See registration section below for additional information.

Home School Groups

Home school organizations or groups with 15 or more students may also contact the Reservations department at 213-744-2019 to schedule a field trip program offered in the Big Lab.

Upcoming Homeschool Days!

Age groups
Classes are offered for students based on the following age ranges:
5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-16

Session times*
Morning: 9:30 am to 12:00 noon
Afternoon: 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm 
* All sessions will be identical, unless noted below.

Activities vary based on age group. If your child has already attended a specific science topic, new activities and learning goals will be introduced as students advance through the age groups.

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Homeschool Days for the 2015-16 school year have concluded. See below for a sample of last year's classes, and check back in August for new dates and science topics!

For summer programming, check out our Hands-On Science Camp!

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  • Weather

    Sample Program: What Makes Weather?

    Another perfect day! Explore southern California’s sunny skies and discover the causes and effects of wind, rain, snow and more all over the world. It’s always a beautiful day for science in the Big Lab! 

  • Fact or Fiction

    Sample Program: Science Fact or Science Fiction

    Is that really true!? Can balloons carry you away? Will pop-rocks and soda make your stomach explode? Put popular science myths like these to the test in this fiction-busting day of investigation. Make hypotheses and explore the scientific method while searching for the facts behind the myths.

  • Bugs and Botany

    Sample Program: Bugs and Botany

    Eeek! Bugs! Crawl around with ladybugs, fly through a butterfly’s life cycle, deconstruct a plant, and more! Students will get up close and personal with some of our smallest neighbors as we buzz into the miniature ecosystem of bugs and plants.

  • Engineering

    Sample Program: Exploring Engineering

    How do we strengthen structures to endure earthquakes? Or build bridges to last longer? Answer these questions and more while drafting new designs and perfecting problem solving skills. Students will draw on multiple sciences as they develop the skills to construct the future!

Enrollment Information

Enroll Online

Parents wishing to pay by credit card or purchase order (see below for PO info) are able to use the online system beginning in August 2016.

Enroll by Mail/Fax

Parents wishing to pay by check, credit card or purchase order (see below for PO info) may download an Enrollment Request Form to submit via mail or fax beginning in August 2016. Please DO NOT attempt to email this form.

Purchase Order Information

Please email purchase orders (from approved schools only) to

Note: Purchase orders should be obtained BEFORE attempting to enroll your child. Enrollment will only be confirmed when BOTH the purchase order has been submitted via email AND an enrollment form has been submitted online or via mail/fax.

2015-16 Cost per class

$30 for Non-Members
$25 for Members*

Parents and siblings age 4 and under may observe at no charge (use of supplies and equipment will be limited to paid participants only).
*Membership is required to process discounted registration and your Membership must be current at the time of class date. Please click here for more information on Membership.

Full payment is due at the time of registration. Registration will close either one week prior to the program date, or when all available spaces have been reserved, whichever occurs first. To ensure each student has adequate supplies, registrations submitted less than one week prior to the program date may not be accepted.

Cancellation/Change Policy: Program cancellations, refunds and changes are permitted up to 30 days prior to program date. All refunds and changes will be charged a $5 processing fee per program. There are no refunds, credits, cancellations, or changes within 30 days prior to program date.

Frequently Asked Questions

For which ages are the programs appropriate?

The program is designed for students ages 5-16. Groups are ages 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-16. Students must be age 5 or older by the program date in order to participate. If you feel your child should be in an alternate age group, you may enroll them one age group higher or lower than their actual age. Jumping up or down more than one age group is not permitted. Class changes will not be accommodated the day of the program.

How many students can be accommodated?

Each class will hold approximately 22 students.

May I drop off my student? 

All participants must be checked in by a parent/guardian. After being checked in, students may be dropped off for either the morning or afternoon session. They will need to be picked up by 12:00 noon for the morning session and 3:30 p.m. for the afternoon session.

Is parking included? 

Each student's confirmation letter will act as a 15 minute parking pass for drop-off and pick-up. Unfortunately, full-day parking is not included in the cost of the program. For full-day parking costs, please visit the Directions, Parking and Transportation page. Members receive a limited number of parking vouchers. Please click here to see more information regarding becoming a member.

Are lunches or snacks provided? 

No. Programs are 2.5 hours long, and do not include lunch or snack time. Participants should plan to eat before or after program times. Food may be purchased at the on-site Trimana restaurants.

Are Homeschool Days a direct substitute for science curriculum and/or content?

Each program's age appropriate activities are designed to stimulate curiosity and inspire science learning through hands-on, student driven labs and activities. While not directly linked to state science standards, these experience based learning opportunities provide students with valuable tools for understanding our world, as well as a stronger knowledge base in the day's highlighted science topic.

Where do Homeschool Days take place?

Check-in will be held in the Big Lab, located on the campus of the California Science Center, in the Wallis Annenberg Building for Science Learning and Innovation. It is about 1-2 minute walk from the main building of the Science Center. Instructors will utilize classroom laboratories, the Big Lab, California Science Center exhibits, and surrounding elements of Exposition Park to support lessons. Parents are invited to check with instructors the day of their session regarding accompanying students during excursions.
Download a California Science Center Map.

Do we need to bring anything?

No. All supplies for the activities will be provided.

Additional Questions? Call (213) 744-7444 for more information, or email