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Space Monkeys

Check out these adorable squeezable soft plush monkeys at 13” tall and decorated to resemble a shuttle astronaut wearing an Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) space suit, an Advanced Crew Escape Suit (ACES) , and a NASA flight suit. The iconic white space suits were worn by NASA space shuttle specialist while performing space walks outside of the orbiter while on orbit, the orange suit as pressurized survival suits  worn by every member of a space shuttle crew during shuttle liftoffs and landings, and the blue flight suits while working inside the shuttle during space missions as well as while training and making public appearances down here on earth.

Available for purchase at the ExploraStore gift shop or you can order by phone at (213) 744-7422.

ASTM F963–08 safety tested appropriate for all ages.

A trip through ExploraStore will leave your head spinning with ideas. Mirroring the wondrous exhibits of the California Science Center, the 4,000 square foot store is as enlightening as it is fun to shop.

ExploraStore will dazzle you with its incredible collection of scientific and educational gifts, toys, kits and materials. There's something to fascinate everyone, from young children to educators.

ExploraStore is divided into thematic areas that correspond to the Science Center's major exhibit galleries, so you can take all the learning and fun home with you:

  • World of Life: This area relates to all things biological. It's alive with information and fun!
  • Creative World: Delve into technology, structures, transportation and communication. Think inventive!
  • Air and Space: Here you'll find things that probe the mysteries of outer space. Blast off!
  • Ecosystems: Explore items from habitats like deserts, islands, kelp forests and rocky shores. Take the plunge!

Endeavour Pavilion Store

Endeavour Pavilion Store

Located within the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Pavilion is an amazing array of Endeavour related merchandise developed to inspire a new generation of explorers.