State Hiring Process

Applicants for State positions at the California Science Center must follow the standard State hiring process. Resumes submitted without a Std. 678 application are unacceptable and will be returned.

State Employment FAQs

Does the Science Center accept resumes?

A resume is optional, but will not be accepted in lieu of a Std. 678 application.

Where can I find the State employment application?

The State employment application is known as the Std. 678. You can download a PDF of the Std. 678 here.

What required information must be included in the Std. 678?

All sections of the application must be completed, with an original signature and date. You must also include the Position Number and Classification (these can both be found in the “Position Details” portion of the job announcement). Please see the example below on where to place the Position number and Classification on your application:

Std. 678 example

Don’t forget to sign and date the application! Original signatures only, the Science Center does not accept electronic signatures.

How do I know if I am applying for a job position or for an exam?

It is important to make a distinction if you are applying for an exam, or if you are applying for a job opening. If you are applying for a job there will be a Job Position Number on the application. If you are applying for an exam, please include the class code, exam code and classification located on the exam bulletin. Example below:

Std. 678 example

How do I take an exam?

Information and directions on how to take an exam can be found on the State’s Jobs website. Search there for the exam classification you are interested in taking.

How do I know the basis of my eligibility?

In addition to the Position number and Classification, you will also need to explain your basis of eligibility in the “Explanations” section of the application. There are several forms of eligibility. The following are examples and definitions below:

  • List appointment: You have taken the Exam for the position you are applying for. If you have never been in state service, you will need to take an exam for the job that you are interested in.
  • State Restriction of Appointment (SROA): You have received an SROA letter from your employer.
  • Transfer: If you already qualify for appointment to the classification, and time-base. For example, if you are a permanent, full-time Office Assistant at your current department, you can be considered for appointment (transfer) to another permanent, full-time Office Assistant position at another State department. You may also qualify to transfer to other positions based on your classification, time-base and salary.
  • General Reemployment: You were laid off from a state agency.
  • Temporary Authorization Utilization (TAU): This is only when advertised in the job bulletin and there are no existing lists.
  • Limited Examination Appointment Program (LEAP): is an alternate selection process designed to facilitate the recruitment and hiring of persons with disabilities.

Include your eligibility in the EXPLANATIONS section. Example below:

Std. 678 example

Do I need to provide information for all of my past work experience?

Applicants should provide all employment experience. List the most recent job information first. You may also include volunteer and/or internship experience. Please make sure to include as much detail as possible.

Am I required to list experience for each job title?

Yes, list the experience for each job held. Applications must be completed in sufficient detail and clarity to permit a comprehensive review and evaluation. The Science Center does not accept resumes in lieu of the Std. 678 duties performed. Please DO NOT indicate “See Resume” under duties performed.

Am I able to update my application materials after I turned in my application?

You can amend your application up until the final filing date.

Do you offer special services for persons with disabilities?

We will provide reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities. Please let us know if you need special accommodations.