California Science Center Launches “Inside Endeavour” VR Tour to Commemorate Anniversary of Endeavour’s Final Mission


Los Angeles  – The California Science Center will premiere the first in a series of four “Inside Endeavour” virtual reality (VR) tours to commemorate the anniversary of Endeavour’s final mission, which launched on May 16, 2011. Beginning May 15, 2020, the first VR tour, featuring the flight deck, middeck and payload bay, will be available on the California Science Center website.

VR tour viewers will enjoy extra-special access via 360-degree views of Space Shuttle Endeavour's interior, from the flight deck up front to the aft compartment in the back. The tours, each telling a different story, will be released throughout the late spring and summer.

“It’s a pleasure to invite the public to experience the inside of Endeavour in honor of the Space Shuttle’s final mission anniversary,” notes Science Center President Jeffrey Rudolph. “I’m especially pleased that these VR tours include some views that are rare, even for astronauts. Most importantly, the VR tours reveal the complexity of the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s operations and the incredible expertise of the astronauts and engineers who steered it through 25 successful missions.”

The “Inside Endeavour” VR tours were created by photographer Jon Brack and narrated by Science Center Assistant Aerospace Curator Perry Roth-Johnson.

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