Creative World Exhibition Hall

Fact Sheet


Creative World examines the environment humans build to meet their needs for structures, transportation and communications.  From computer technology and digital imaging to solar cars and earthquake-resistant buildings, Creative World showcases the wonders and consequences of human innovation.

Educational Goals:

“You can unlock the power of technology when you understand the science behind it.”  Visitors discover that all technology is based on science they can understand.  They also learn that the use of technology requires the evaluation and management of environmental consequences.

Exhibit Highlights:

Visitors enter Creative World through Technoscapes, which introduces the main ideas of the exhibition hall through laser animation flashing across a three-dimensional city street sculpture.  Realistic looking replicas of cars, building blocks and people create the sculpture and were cast from plaster molds of real objects and people.  The use of laser, video and audio imagery inspires exploration to make the connections between science, technology and our lives.

Creative World galleries show visitors the science behind technology created to meet three basic needs:

  • Communication - how to send and receive a message
  • Transportation -  how fuel is turned into motion
  • Structures - how structures are made strong

Visitors exploring the three galleries can:

  • Play a guitar, keyboard or drums in a Digital Jam Session.
  • Feel like a real winner diving into a game of volleyball or soccer in virtual games.
  • Build a structure and see how it stands up to an earthquake.
  • Experience a simulated earthquake while taking a behind-the-scenes tour of the Science Center.
  • See a real crash test dummy family and become smart about car safety.
  • Pilot a virtual hovercraft over land and sea.
  • Journey with the animated claymation characters, “The Globeheads,” while learning how to conserve and protect the Earth’s resources.

Video Periscope is an interactive exhibit in the communications gallery designed to enable visitors inside the Science Center to communicate audiovisually with people in a completely different location.  The exhibit consists of video cameras and display monitors, one set in Creative World and another on the first floor of the Science Center.  Media links allow visitors to exchange information and participate in fun activities reflecting what they are experiencing at each site.  New sites, located in and around Los Angeles, will come on-line in the future.

The Creative World Discovery Room takes the form of a city street scene which includes a Construction Zone and Hardware Store for building structures and contraptions, and a child-sized TV studio with a camera .  There is always something to touch, explore, and learn with age-appropriate discovery box activities.  Each box provides children and their families with intriguing hands-on, minds-on experiences for young and old alike.


David Bibas, Ph.D.

Major Funding Provided for the Following Areas:

Transportation Gallery:


Structures Gallery:

  • Hearst Foundation

Communications Gallery:

  • Hewlett-Packard Company and Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation

Creative World Discovery Room:

  • The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
  • National Science Foundation

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