External Tank Route

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External Tank 94 Route

Route directions

  • Marina Del Rey parking lot to Fiji Way
  • Fiji Way to Lincoln (PCH)
  • Lincoln to Mindanao Way
  • Mindanao Way to CA-90
  • CA-90 to Culver Blvd.
  • Culver Blvd. to Lincoln via transition ramp
  • Lincoln to Loyola Blvd.
  • Loyola Blvd. to Westchester Pkwy.
  • Westchester Parkway turns into Arbor Vitae St. at Airport Blvd.
  • Arbor Vitae St. to La Brea Ave.
  • La Brea Ave. to Manchester Blvd.
  • Manchester Blvd. to Vermont Ave.
  • Vermont Ave. to MLK
  • MLK to Exposition Park