Highlights of BODY WORLDS: Pulse

Introductory Animation – A two-minute video animation will introduce guests to the exhibition and the Pulse theme.

Iconic Full Body Plastinates from the BODY WORLDS collection are found throughout the galleries including: The Football Gladiators, The Skin Man, The Kneeling Lady, The Walker, The Smoker, The Tai Chi Man with Orthopedic devices, The Limber Gymnast, The Poker Playing Trio, The Ice Hockey Duo, The Woman Bearing Life and others.

Ergonomics is explored through a presentation showing how proper body alignment can ease back pain and protect the spine for adults and children.

It’s Not Like in The Movies – a display in the cardiovascular gallery educates visitors on heart health and the “Hollywood Heart Attack.”

Interactive Elements include the "Anatomical Mirror", where visitors will see how vital organs are positioned in their own body and in the respiratory area the "Tobacco Body", a time-lapse of smoking's impact on the body.

Tyranny of Choice a display on the science of decision making with chocolates as the objects of desire and commitment is situated in in the nervous system area. A separate display on the “Secret Powers of Time,” explains how individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being.

What the World Eats – a photo essay showing the diets of families from around the world by Peter Menzel are featured to show visitors how different and alike international diets are.

Reproduction and Fetal Development – is shown through a collection of historical fetal specimens that pre-date the 1930’s, a woman is shown bearing life, sex and the process of reproduction is explored in modern times.

Bilingual Exhibition For the first time in North America, BODY WORLDS offers an exhibition experience in English and Spanish, audio tours are also available.

Life Lesson – a moving display of a testimony by someone who had a near death experience, and their transformative insights about living with inspiration.

Before I Die – an inspirational interactive installation in collaboration with exhibition visitors.

Philosophical and contemplative elements –are woven throughout the exhibition.  Included are philosophical quotes from history, on life and death that are thought provoking and inspiring.  In select areas of the exhibition, guests will see whole body plastinates displayed while surrounded by projected elements and scenes that add an additional dimension.