L.A. Zone Fact Sheet

Ecological rules govern even the most human-altered environments. Explore Los Angeles from

a sky-view. Where do you think our wildlife lives? Apply concepts learned in the Ecosystems

exhibitions to the Los Angeles area to discover how the Earth’s air, water, land and life systems

are interconnected. Explore the special challenges of urban ecosystems in dealing with wildlife,

waste, water and energy.

Exhibit Highlights:

  • Find your neighborhood and other landmarks on a gigantic floor map of the Los Angeles area spanning the gallery. See how close you are to rivers, parks, mountains and the intricate connection of streets.
  • Pan around the L. A. basin using a multi-touch digital map to see weather patterns, wind currents, geologic make-up. What kind of currents can you see?
  • Find out how water and other things get to and from the City.
  • In a video game, race against the clock to keep recyclables out of the quickly-filling landfill.
  • Try your hand at reporting the latest ecology news on television.
  • Help a bobcat get safely across town through a wildlife corridor in a pin-ball game.
  • Generate enough electricity to light up the L. A. map – then see how easy it is by using energy efficient technology.

                                                                                     # # #