Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center

Fact Sheet

The Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center represents the feature component of Phase III of the California Science Center’s 25-year Master Plan. It will encourage guests of all ages to understand key scientific and engineering principles related to atmospheric flight and the exploration of the universe. This major addition will integrate authentic artifacts, including an outstanding collection of aircraft and spacecraft, immersive experiences and hands-on educational exhibits that promote active learning through discovery.

Exhibit Components:

  • “Air Gallery” will examine the four principles of flight – lift, thrust, drag and weight – and the tradeoffs that affect aircraft
  • Space Gallery” will explore the universe through the use of powerful telescopes and robots that go places and collect data. “Humans in Space” will show the challenges of surviving outside Earth’s atmosphere, working in space, traveling to the moon, life aboard the International Space Station, and the future of human space exploration
  • “Space Shuttle Gallery” will illustrate how the need to live and work in space required a fleet of reliable transport vehicles that merged the science of airplanes and spaceships into one complex design
  • Guests will find approximately 150 hands-on exhibits, 100 artifacts including aircraft and spacecraft, and 10 immersive simulations

Special Features:

  • The Concourse, a dynamic central space equipped with a stage and flexible seating for Science Live! programming that includes ongoing demonstrations, experiments, shows led by Science Center educators, and a gathering place for breaking news in aeronautics and space exploration
  • Discovery Room designed for young visitors, Pre-K to 2nd grade, will present science concepts with age appropriate activities, books and toys to be explored with their families or caregivers
  • Learning Laboratory that will be used for field trip programs on design, engineering and aerospace topics, to introduce investigative science skills to visiting school and youth groups through laboratory activities and fun-filled experiments
  • New Special Exhibit and Event Center that will host temporary and traveling exhibitions on a variety of topics

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