Spacewalk Endeavour STS-69

Humans in Space

Humankind's need to explore the universe takes us beyond our atmosphere into space. But space is a dangerous place. On each journey, space travelers need protection from radiation, meteoroids and extreme temperatures, and they must also have air to breathe. Examine the spacesuits and spacecraft to discover some of the ways we protect ourselves from the harsh environment of space.

  • Apollo command module landing

    Apollo-Soyuz command module

    The actual Apollo capsule that docked with Russia's Soyuz spacecraft in July 1975

  • Gemini illustration

    Gemini 11 capsule

    The real capsule flown into space by Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon in September 1966

  • boilerplate Mercury capsule

    Mercury-Redstone 2

    This capsule launched as part of the Mercury program, which took a primate into space in preparation for a human launch. The primate, a chimpanzee named Ham, paved the way for human astronauts to follow.

  • Apollo spacesuit

    Apollo spacesuit

    The suit worn into space by command module pilot Thomas Mattingly on the Apollo 16 mission to the moon in April 1972

  • Endeavour in space

    Space Shuttle Endeavour

    Begin your Endeavour experience in Endeavour Together: Parts & People, a companion exhibit featuring images and artifacts that celebrate the the space shuttle program and the people who helped make it possible, while highlighting the shuttle program's ties to California, where the orbiters were built. Then see space shuttle Endeavour at the Samuel Oschin Pavilion.