Body Worlds: Pulse

Parent Guide

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Suggestions for visiting BODY WORLDS with a child

The California Science Center welcomes both adults and children to Body Worlds. However, this exhibit may not be suitable for some children, and the Science Center has determined that a responsible adult must accompany all children 12 years old and younger. We ask that you become familiar with the exhibit before deciding whether or not to bring your child to Body Worlds, and have prepared this information leaflet to assist you. For more information please check our web site at or contact Science Center staff.

You will see real bodies

Body Worlds is an exhibition of real human bodies, including graphic exhibits that show some nudity and information on human reproduction as well as views of the interior of human bodies. Human fetuses and embryos are on display in a separate signed area within the exhibit.

The bodies you will see have been preserved in a process called “Plastination,”which involves infusing the body’s tissues with plastic. The resulting bodies are referred to as “Plastinates.” Plastination is a very high quality preservation process that has been used for many years, especially in medical schools.

What's it all about?

The exhibition is designed to teach us what our bodies look like on the inside and how they function by using real, preserved human bodies. Body Worlds also teaches us about human health, including how our bodies break down when we smoke or don’t eat right. Plastinates of the human body show details of movement, respiration, reproduction, and the urinary, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

The bodies came from donors who wanted us to learn more about the structure and function of our bodies

The real human bodies on display came from body donors, individuals who during their lifetime, said that upon their death their bodies could be used for this educational exhibition. After their death, their bodies were Plastinated (infused with plastic) to preserve them so that everyone can learn from them.

We strongly suggest that you discuss the exhibit with your child

The California Science Center suggests that you discuss the contents of the exhibit with your child before visiting. In particular, remind your child that the plastinates are no longer living. They were once real people, but they don’t look like everyday people now because we are looking at their insides. The bodies are placed in permanent poses and will not move. Other material is available for further information.