Creative World Structures


From the pyramids of ancient Egypt to the skyscrapers and suspension bridges of modern day, humans have strived to build structures that withstand the forces of time and nature. Examine the science behind construction, and learn how structures are built to last.

Exhibit Highlights

  • Creative World Structures

    Mini Shake Table

    Build your own structures and see if they would stand up to the test of an earthquake.

  • Earthquake Experience exhibit

    Earthquake Experience

    Feel the shaking of an earthquake—and learn how to prepare for a real one! 

  • Energy Detective exhibit

    Energy Detective

    Play this fun computer game to investigate the ways you can save energy at home. 

  • Creative World Materials Bar

    Materials Bar

    See live demonstrations to learn about materials and their characteristics. Knowing the limits of substances can help builders determine what to use to create a lasting structure.

  • Globeheads

    The Globeheads

    Visit the Science Center's conservation-oriented Claymation family in the Creative World gallery.