Creative World Transportation


Humans invented vehicles to take us anywhere from the corner store to the stars! Discover the secrets of fuel, machines and aerodynamics to find out how the vehicles we build keep us on the move.

Exhibit Highlights

  • Creative World Fuel Cell Exhibit

    Clean Power

    Get up to speed on the latest fuel cell technology, and find out what it means for the future of transportation in California and beyond.

  • Solar Car Competition exhibit

    Solar Car Competition

    Race using the power of light in this solar slot car race. Just use the joystick to put your car in the spotlight and watch it go!

  • Wind Sailors exhibit

    Wind Sailors

    Catch the wind in your sails to find out which sail angles send you gliding along and which leave your boat high and dry.

  • Auto Design Tradeoffs exhibit

    Auto Design Tradeoffs

    Design a car from engine to seats in this moving computer game.

  • Creative World Transportation

    Wind Tunnel

    Find out which aerodynamic vehicle designs go the distance and which ones leave you stalled.