River Zone

Water can carve mountains, excavate canyons, and even shape the creatures that call it home. In the River Zone, you can experiment with the forces that play a fundamental role in how we live on Earth. Make your own watersheds, rivers and jet streams, and learn how energy and matter flow across our planet.

Exhibit Highlights

  • Don't get carried away exhibit

    Don't Get Carried Away

    Discover which body shapes are best-suited to life in flow by testing different forms in a hand-powered model river.

  • Rivers of Air exhibit

    Rivers of Air

    Water isn’t the only fluid that shapes the landscape. Experiment with wind and send streams of rippling air along a wall of shimmering sequins.

  • Carving the Landscape exhibit

    Carving the Landscape

    Dig a channel, build a dam and see how the flow of water changes as it travels across the sandy landscape you’ve created. Have fun as you see how water and sand interact.