Dogs! A Science Tail

Dogs! A Science Tail

A national traveling exhibition now available for rent

Dogs! A Science Tail is an immersive 7,000 - 9,000-square-foot traveling exhibition that explores the bond between humans and dogs—one of the most successful interspecies partnerships of all time. Divided into four sections and a demonstration space, this exhibition reveals where dogs came from, how dogs experience the world, what makes our bond so special, and how to care for dogs. Immersive experiences invite guests to see, hear, smell, and think like a dog! With support from the California Science Center’s contacts and program handbook, host museums can schedule demonstrations by trained professionals and their amazing canines. Guests will have opportunities to see real dogs, pretend to be dogs, and share their favorite dog photos and videos in the exhibit.

Exhibit highlights include:

    • This scene taken from an ancient Greek vase shows men and dogs cooperating to hunt a boar

      Tail as Old as Time

      Role-play as an archaeologist and dig up replica fossils to find out if they belong to wolves or dogs. Analyze bones and DNA patterns to see how scientists study dog domestication. And watch an engaging film that relates how dogs evolved from ancient wolves into the lovable and diverse array of canine companions we know today.

    • A peaceful-looking woman with her eyes closed in a smile lies happily on the floor, face to face with a fluffy white-and-tan puppy

      Dogs and Humans, Together Forever

      Interact with a playful virtual dog. Test your canine pop-culture knowledge in a Jeopawdy! game show. Explore jobs for dogs—and jobs humans can do with dogs. Find out the science behind the human/dog bond and see how humans and dogs live and work together.

    • A black-and-brown short-haired dog chases after a tennis ball

      The Incredible Dog!

      Test your running pace against the top speeds of different dog breeds. Experience the world the way dogs do by sniffing out hidden smells. Get inside a dog's head to see and hear like a dog. Plus, find out how dogs think and communicate with each other—and with us!

    • A happy-looking man in a knit winter hat plays with a white dog in a thick red collar

      Caring for Dogs

      Explore the possibilities and responsibilities that come with bringing a dog into your life, and find out how to care for these furry family members. Brush and groom model dogs, and learn positive reinforcement training techniques for dogs—by training a human!

    • An experienced rescue worker with a mustache wears a bright yellow fireproof suit, with a collection of black equipment bags strapped on his back and around his waist. He gently pats the neck of an alert, long-haired, brown-and-white dog.

      Dog Park demonstration space

      Play in the Dog Park (for humans only!) and learn about the importance of play for both humans and dogs. Occasionally, guests will have a chance to see dogs' amazing abilities up close when our volunteer partners and their rescue dogs, service dogs, and companion dogs come by to visit the Dog Park. Demonstrations subject to availability.

    Key Facts

    • Size: 7,000-9,000 square feet
    • Availability: Fall 2022 & beyond
    • Installation & Dismantle periods: Estimated ten business days each
    • Language: English and Spanish
    • Target Audience: Ages 4 to 14
    • Shipping: Estimated four trucks

    Dogs! A Science Tail Tour Schedule

    Schedule will be coming soon as museums begin to reopen.

    The exhibition is created and developed by the California Science Center with support from Annenberg Foundation and Wallis Annenberg PetSpace. PetSmart Charities is sponsoring the national tour.