Dog with stick

Dogs! A Science Tail

A national traveling exhibition to debut in Spring 2019

Through immersive and hands-on interactive experiences, discover the evolutionary basis of the unique bond between humans and dogs, and find out what's so special about the canine body, mind and temperament that helps dogs fit so well with human society.

Dogs! A Science Tail will feature four engaging, science-based exhibit areas: Evolution of Two Social Species; The Incredible Dog!; Dogs and Humans, Together Forever; and What Dogs Want and Need from Us. Guests will have a chance to see, hear and smell the world like a dog does, and they can also uncover clues at a dog fossil dig, learn about dog training and communication, and share stories and images of their own dogs. The exhibition will also include a program space where guests can gather to interact with real dogs through live demonstrations and participate in discussions on relevant, timely policy issues.

Dogs floor plan

Proposed floor plan for Dogs! A Science Tail exhibits. Exhibit floor plan can cover 6,000 to 7,000 square feet, and with the program space covers from 9,000-10,000 square feet.