MathAlive! Style Revolution


Opens October 4

MathAlive! logo

MathAlive! inspires, sparks the imagination, and reveals not only math at work but the endless possibilities of math. Ride in a live-action snowboard race, control a Mars rover, capture your image in a 360 freeze-motion video, try your hand at engineering a skyscraper, and even design a skateboard!

Designed for families and students, the exhibition brings to life the real math behind what we love most—sports, dancing, design, music, movie-making, robotics, and more—in highly immersive and interactive experiences.

Math has never been so sweet!

MathAlive! Snowboarding
MathAlive! Flicker Fusion
MathAlive! keyart
MathAlive! Mix It Up_3
MathAlive! Ramp It Up

MathAlive! is generously supported by Raytheon.

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