Spiky desert plants, rocks and pebbles cover this area of the garden outside the California Science Center.

Roy A. Anderson Blackbird Exhibit & Garden

When visiting the Science Center, your science exploration begins as soon as you arrive. Surrounding the parking structure, you'll find gardens and exhibits that invite you to take a closer look at the world around you.

  • A tiny hummingbird with a long, thin beak and iridescent green wing feathers rests lightly on a branch with seed pods.


    Take a peek at some of the birds you might see in the garden, and learn how hummingbirds and flowers need each other to survive.

  • An orange and black monarch butterfly, speckled with white spots along its body and the edges of its wings, uses a tube-like body part called a proboscis to sip nectar from a spiky purple thistle.

    Butterflies and moths

    Explore the mysteries of metamorphosis, and find out which plants butterflies and moths like to munch.

  • Dark green and brown shrubs cover rolling mountainsides in this California chaparral landscape, under a pale blue, cloudless sky.


    Learn about this special plant community that surrounds Los Angeles, and discover how plants and animals in the chaparral survive fire.

  • A lone oak tree covered in tiny green leaves stands next to a tan, gravelly path, with a green, shrub-covered hill behind it. A bright blue sky accented with large, fluffy white clouds fills the background.

    Oaks and acorns

    Find out how oak trees and acorns provide food and shelter for lots of animals, and yet still manage to grow new generations.

  • Two coyotes wander in short, dry, yellow grass, with shrubs and clumps of trees in the background.

    Naturalist's stop

    Get some tips on how to discover what kinds of animals and plants are around you on your next hike.

  • A silvery titanium A-12 Blackbird jet perches over a winding garden path outside the California Science Center.

    A-12 Blackbird

    Examine a totally unique 'bird that roosts in the garden—the A-12 Blackbird trainer, the only one of its kind in the world.