Neural progenitor cells
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Whether it's a fly dodging a fly swatter, your houseplant growing toward the sunlit window or you hopping out of the way of a bike on the sidewalk, all living things react to the world around them. Use your brain to find out about animal nervous systems and discover how how hormonal systems contribute to both an animal's and a plant's ability to react.

Exhibit Highlights

  • World of Life Brains on Parade exhibit

    Brains on Parade

    Examine the real brain of a fish, pelican, cat and monkey, and use your gray matter to match them up with the right animal.

  • Animal Senses exhibit

    Animal Senses

    Float like a bat and see like a bee in this exhibit, where you can use bat radar to locate prey and peer through the eyes of a model bee head to experience this insect's ultraviolet vision.

  • Driving Under the Influence exhibit

    Under the Influence

    Take a test drive to see how alcohol affects driving skills and reflexes.