World of Life, Digestion Diner exhibit

Energy Factory

The saying, "You are what you eat," takes on new meaning in the Energy Factory. Every living thing must take in energy to survive, and that energy comes from food. But living things come in two categories: those that make their own food and those that go out and eat it. Explore these exhibits and discover who does what.

Exhibit Highlights

  • World of Life, Digestion Diner exhibit

    Digestion Diner

    See a real human digestive tract! Laugh at the sounds we make when we digest food, and learn about food's long journey through our body.

  • World of Life termite exhibit

    Eating Like an Animal

    Check out the table manners of all kinds of animals, from whales to termites.

  • Mouse in the infrared in Dealing with Heat exhibit

    Dealing with Heat

    Use thermal imaging to see the difference between a cold-blooded lizard and a warm-blooded rat, or turn the camera on yourself to see the heat.