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Turn your visit into an all-day science adventure – visit our exhibit galleries and watch an IMAX film. Our seven-story IMAX screen brings to life worlds as small as an atom and as vast as the universe. Over 100 hands-on exhibits in our EXHIBIT HALLS make science concepts easy to grasp and fun to explore for the whole family. Experience an IMAX movie and get the big picture! (All exhibits are free except for some traveling exhibits).

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Closed Captioning

Closed captions for the hearing impaired are available. Learn more about Closed Captioning for our IMAX films.

Your patronage supports science learning

The California Science Center is a non-profit organization. Your IMAX ticket purchase helps fund our exhibit and education programs. The IMAX films we show support our mission to stimulate curiosity and inspire science learning in everyone. Thank you for choosing the California Science Center IMAX Theater!