Astro Adventures Family Science Night

Astro Adventures

Grades K-8

Experience all the excitement of being in space without ever leaving your school!  Learn about the forces, temperatures, and pressures that astronauts have to overcome to get to and survive in space.

Each Astro Adventures program includes a 45 minute interactive assembly program, presented by California Science Center educators. Groups can optionally add on additional assemblies or hands-on activity stations facilitated by our educators!

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Fall Discount: $100 off all Astro Adventures program dates in August - December!

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Stomp Rockets

Learning Goals & Activities

Below are some of the questions your students may ask, and the ways in which we will explore, explain, and elaborate on those concepts:

How does a rocket get all the way to space?
Find out how rocket engines work and are powered.

Why does everything float when you are in space?
Discover the effect that gravity has on everything both on earth and in orbit.

Is it easy to live in space?
Learn about the many hazards that astronauts are prepared to encounter in space.

How big is space?
Get a taste for the size of our universe with our additional planetarium program!

Astro Adventures Reservations

Call 213-744-7444 or email for details about booking a program. Programs must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance.


$695 for Astro Adventures Assembly (no maximum number of students)
$100 for each additional hour (can either be an additional assembly or hands-on activities)

All programs require a $150 non-refundable deposit to confirm your scheduled date. The deposit is applied to the cost of your program.

For more pricing information, click here.

California State Science Standards


Investigation and Experimentation: 4.b., 4.c.

1st Grade:

Physical Sciences: 1.a., 1.b.

2nd Grade:

Physical Sciences: 1.c., 1.e.
Investigation and Experimentation: 4.a.

3rd Grade:

Physical Sciences: 1.e., 1.f., 1.g.
Earth Sciences: 4.a., 4.b., 4.d., 4.e.
Investigation and Experimentation: 4.d.

5th Grade:

Physical Sciences: 1.a.
Earth Sciences: 5.a., 5.b., 5.c.

Questions? Call 213-744-7444 for more information, or email