Traveling Labs

Grades K-8

Sharpen your science and engineering skills in one of our Traveling Labs! Each lab program includes hands-on science activities and supports Next Generation Science Standards.

Lab programs last approximately 50 minutes and take place in your existing classrooms/multipurpose rooms. All labs will be facilitated by a California Science Center educator and accommodate up to 30 students each.

Traveling Lab Program Options

Reaction Lab: Intro to Chemistry (Grades K-2)
Let’s get messy! Young scientists will get excited about chemistry while participating in interactive experiments and demonstrations. Experience matter in all of its phases, and witness how chemicals can change with the right reaction.

Reaction Lab: Mystery Powders (Grades 3-6)
Crack the case in this forensic chemistry lab! As participants design and conduct experiments using chemical and physical reactions, they will find that different chemicals react in different ways. Using this knowledge, participants will solve a mystery and present evidence to their peers.

Rocket Lab (Grades 3-6)
It’s time to take flight! Design your own air-powered rocket and take to the skies. Develop a knowledge of the Forces of Flight and launch rockets that fly up to 100 feet!

Roller Coaster Engineering Lab (Grades 4-8)
Hold on, it’s gonna be a crazy ride! Discover what it takes to design a thrilling roller coaster by engineering a track with loops, hills, and falls. Your young engineers will become master builders in this exhilarating lab!

Robotic Arm Engineering Lab (Grades 5-8)
Let’s pick up the pieces! By examining different man-made and natural objects, including joints and muscles, students will construct mechanized arms that will allow them to complete tasks and challenges.

  • Note: A biology component may may be added to this program upon request. This addition includes a chicken wing dissection and adds 30 minutes to the lab. Students may choose to participate in or observe dissection activities.


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Traveling Labs Reservations

Call 213-744-7444 or email for details about booking a program. Programs must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance.

$400 base cost plus $5 per participating student.
All programs require a $150 non-refundable deposit to confirm your scheduled date. The deposit is applied to the cost of your program.

Labs longer than 50 minutes may be available upon request. Modified pricing structure will be determined based on individual program details.

Questions? Call 213-744-7444 for more information, or email