Scouts with Boats

Bear Cub Scouts & Webelos

The California Science Center offers programs to support Bear Cub Scouts and Webelos. In each 2.5 hour program, scouts will complete requirements related to either a Bear Elective Adventure or a Webelos Elective Adventure. Please see below for information on activities.*

Cost: $35 per Scout per session

Saturday, December 7, 2019
9:30am - 12:00pm

Enroll online! (beginning 8/21 at 11am)

  • Webelos Into the Wild


    Into the Wild

    Activities may include:*

    • Set up an aquarium or terrarium.
    • Watch at least four different wild creatures (reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, fish, insects, or mammals) in the wild. Describe the kind of place (forest, field, marsh, yard or park) where you saw them. Tell what they are doing.
    • Give examples of at least two of the following: a producer, a consumer, and a decomposer in the food chain of an ecosystem; one way humans have changed the balance of nature; or how you can help protect the balance of nature.
    • Learn about aquatic ecosystems and wetlands in your area. Talk about the important role aquatic ecosystems and wetlands play in supporting life cycles of wildlife and humans.
  • Bear Cub Super Science

    Bear Cub Scouts

    Super Science

    Activities may include*:

    • Make static electricity by rubbing a balloon or a plastic or rubber comb on a fleece blanket or wool sweater. Explain what you learned.
    • Conduct a balloon or other static electricity investigation that demonstrates properties of static electricity. Explain what you learned.
    • Conduct one other static electricity investigation. Explain what you learned.
    • Do a sink or float investigation. Explain what you learned.
    • Do a color morphing investigation. Explain what you learned.
    • Do a color layering investigation. Explain what you learned.

*Specific activities are subject to change

Questions? Call (213) 744-7444 for more information, or email