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4th Grade | Life Science

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What parts of an organism help it to survive?

Fourth grade scientists will navigate toward a deeper understanding of how organisms receive and process information in this virtual field trip. Introduce your students to creatures that live at the California Science Center as they use and develop models to explore how the internal and external structures of plants and animals function to help them survive and experience the world around them.

Next Generation Science Standards Addressed

4-PS4-2, 4-LS1-1, and 4-LS1-2

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LIVE Virtual Program | 4th Grade Life Science

Educator performing a dissection in front of computer during a virtual presentation.

A LIVE facilitated experience for your class

Invite educators from the California Science Center to visit your classroom virtually as we explore how our sensory system works through a cow eye dissection and an encounter with Tess, our 50-foot body simulator.

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Cost: $250 for up to 32 students (approx. 1 class)
Program Length: 30-45 minutes
Availability: Tuesdays-Fridays 8:30am or 9:45am
We provide a hosted meeting link for your students to join virtually.

Video | 4th Grade Life Science

A 15-20 minute FREE episode
Join our educators to discover how our resident venus flytrap, sand boa and military macaw sense and respond to information in unique ways. Plus, explore an eyeball by completing your own Science Sketch.

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Animal keeper Louise with bright green macaw standing in her left hand

Watch this video with audio descriptions.

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Animal keeper Louise with bright green macaw standing in her left hand

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Activity Guide | 4th Grade Life Science

A FREE downloadable
Students will play a “choose-your-own-adventure”-style game in order to test interactions between an animal’s environment and the structures of its sensory system. They will use the game to develop and revise a model showing how information is received by the senses and processed through the brain.

Preview image of student activity guide in English.
Preview image of student activity guide in Spanish.
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