Registration Help

If you are having trouble using the online enrollment system, please see the list below for resolutions to some common issues. If your concern is not addressed in the information below, please contact us at or 213-744-7444. The Education office is open M-F from 9am-5pm.


Logging in / Creating new accounts.

If you have purchased a Membership, IMAX, Exhibit ticket, or 2018 Education Program online, please use the same login credentials. This system will link all purchases for visits, programs, activities, exhibits, etc. Education program logins from 2017 or before are no longer valid.

Everything is running slowly, and the webpages appear to be unresponsive.

As we continue to optimize and improve the new online enrollment system, some loading procedures may be slow or appear unresponsive at times. Please allow for longer than expected loading times as you advance through the registration process. Thank you for your patience.

The website continuously displays 'LOADING' and will not stop.

Please refresh your webpage. If this does not solve the issue, try using a different browser (ex. Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.).

Attempting to register with a mobile device is not working as expected.

This system has not yet been optimized for use on mobile devices. For the best results and the easiest experience, please complete your enrollment on a desktop or laptop computer.

Unable to locate a place to enter emergency contacts, medical details, scout groups, etc.

After selecting your classes, click ‘Proceed to Registration’. This will take you to a registration form to enter all required information. Individual forms must be completed for each student.

Enrolling a child in a different age/grade group than their actual age/grade.

The system will allow you to increase or decrease your child’s age/grade by one year when calculating available classes. To change age/grade, click ‘Pick Classes’ for the desired student, and look for the dropdown menu in the yellow bar at the top of the class selector window.

Membership FAQ

How do I access Member pricing/discounts?

Member pricing will calculate automatically if you are logged in using the email associated with your Membership. If Member pricing is not calculating, please contact us to verify that your login ID/email is correctly connected to your Member record.
Education Department: 213-744-7444 / Membership Department: 213-744-7504.

What if I do not have an online account for my Membership?

It is possible that an account has been automatically created for your Membership. To check for this account, select the program for which you would like to enroll and click 'Forgot Password?'. If the system finds an account for your email, it will send you password reset instructions. If the system does not find an account for your email, please contact us prior to enrolling so we may link your Membership to an online account.

When purchasing a new Membership, how do I access Member pricing/discount?

If purchasing a new Membership in the same transaction as classes, Member pricing will calculate and display in your cart AFTER completing registration forms. If you reach the payment screen and prices have still not updated, please contact us for assistance.

When attempting to access the Member pre-sale for Summer Camp, why am I not able to select any classes?

It is likely that an error has occurred linking your login ID to your Membership. Please contact us to have your account linked to your membership.

Can I access the Member pre-sale while purchasing a new Membership?

Member pre-sale requires an active Membership at log in. If purchasing a new membership, you must complete the transaction, log out and log in again to access the pre-sale.