What people are saying about the exhibition

A once in a lifetime exhibition at the California Science Center brings the legendary Roman city to you. 
–Eye on L.A., ABC7

A Magma-nificent Show. 
Downtown News

The newly opened show at the California Science Center — Pompeii: The Exhibition — manages to capture both the elegance of Pompeii and the savagery wrought by Mt. Vesuvius…this is a show for everyone to explore over the summer. 
The Family Savvy

…an immersive exhibit that transports visitors back to 79AD for a before, during, and after experience of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.
Mommy Poppins

The town’s luxurious lifestyle and refined culture are elegantly reproduced...

What guests had to say

"The Pompeii exhibition was fascinating, the whole family was enchanted by the presentation and the education of it all"
–Gina H.

"It was an impressive display… fantastic job at mimicking the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius"
–Christian M.

"Wow. I am completely speechless… Well worth every penny."
–Gabriella M.

"well orchestrated and dramatic as well as being educational."
–Mel B